What is Remodeling?


           What does it take to do a room addition or rearrange the interior of a home? Can anyone do it or does it take someone who has been doing it for years? Well, considering that every job is different and has its own unique complications, what do you think? 

          We at Dream Builders of Austin have been doing it for years and have come up through the remodeling industry, specialized in remodeling as have our craftsmen. There are many people in the new residential construction business that try to working the remodeling industry but the problem with that is that they have spent 20 years construction new homes. They only know how homes have been built for the last 20 years. We, who have come up through the remodeling industry know how homes were built 10, 20, 40, 60, 80, even 100 years ago because our 20 years of experience is in working on older homes. We know the materials and construction techniques that have been used in the past,  how to duplicate them in order to maintain the character , the integrity of your home.

          Look around and it is not unusual to see an addition on a house that looks like a new house stuck in the back of an old one.

          Dream Builders of Austin believes that when a person has a remodeling project done, they don't want it to look as if they did it themselves, rather they want it to look professional and not have tell-tale signs of alteration. Doesn't this sound like a situation that you would like on your project?




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