Company Overview


            Dream Builders of Austin was established with a very simple philosophy in mind. Offer quality craftsmanship at a fair price with the company owner having hands on involvement in the project all the way from the design stage through the construction phases and to completion of the project. 

          Having lived in the Austin area for twenty years and being involved in the remodeling industry that entire time, the owner has responsibility for the  construction of literally hundreds of remodeling projects. These projects have ranged from the simplest all the way to complex projects that exceeded $200,000.00 dollars. These projects have ranged from the simplest to the most complex of projects that exceeded $200,000.00 dollars.  

          The owner, having come up through the trades is referred to as an Artisan Remodeling Contractor by the industry. An Artisan Contractor is someone who has in the past been a working tradesperson in the industry and knows, understands all of the various phases in the construction of a remodeling project and could literally put his tools back on to build the project himself.

          Dream Builders of Austin is a construction company that is construction oriented, dedicated to the remodeling industry. There are many marketing companies around that are in the remodeling industry and as such are marketing oriented. In other words, their primary function is to Sell remodeling projects with the actual construction part of the business being secondary to that.

          We on the other hand, place the construction of our projects first and foremost, only market ourselves as a secondary matter so we can continue to survive and prosper in this day and age.


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