Referral List

           A listing of some our many satisfied clients:


Patricia Mullens

13401 Montview Dr.

Austin, Texas 78732

H# 266-2908

First Project

Enclosed the existing front porch area in order to

enlarge the living room and create a dining room.

Constructed a new front porch.

Second Project

Constructed a two car garage and master suite.


Bill Cory and Trinidad San Miguel

711 Landon Ln.

Austin, Texas 78705

                                                           H# 472-9358

Second Story Master Bedroom and Bathroom Addition


Alan and Susan Beaubien

4903 Fairview

Austin, Texas 78731

H# 302-0692

Addition and Interior Remodel

David and Nancy Boenitz

9512 Scenic Bluff Dr.

Austin, Texas 78733

H# 263-2703

Room addition to create a spare bedroom and

major interior remodeling

to enlarge the living room.


Joe Sweet and Mark Garcia

1210 Ridgemont Dr.

Austin, Texas, 78723

H# 458-9870

Room Addition


John Heron and Bernie Cafulli

1305 Richcreek Dr.

Austin, Texas 78757

H# 323-5250

Major addition of 544s.f. to create two

additional bedrooms and a bath.


Nan Finch and Cherie Simpson

1509 Westmoor Dr.

Austin, Texas 78723

H# 451-6783

Room addition to enlarge existing living room,

a remodel of the existing living room,

and a major kitchen remodel.


Heather Deiderick and Andy Ellington

2106 Elton Lane

Austin, Texas 78703

H# 479-0790

Major addition of 700s.f. to create a home office,

additional bedroom, extra closet space, new entry area,

and enlarged and remodeled the existing bathroom.


    Dennis and Jennifer Rawlings

8006 Davis Mountain Pass

Austin, Texas 78726

H# 250-9039

Constructed a 400s.f. addition to

create a family room.


Larry and Sandi Rebecek

1807 Oak Forest Dr.

Round Rock, Texas 78681

H# 255-7981

Constructed an addition to enlarge

the kitchen and did a major remodel

of the existing kitchen. Constructed

a large gable roof patio cover and

a stamped concrete patio.


Kathy Dundee

7713 Northwest Dr.

Austin, Texas 78757

H# 451-9749

Major remodel of the existing home.

We enclosed her carport and created a new 

kitchen in it and then remodeled the

existing kitchen and dining room space.


Mark & Stacey Moore

10022 Estancia Ln.

Austin, Texas 78739

H# 301-8518

Remodeled the existing house to create an additional

bathroom and update the laundry room.


Jim & Ann Couch

#6 Country Dr.

Round Rock, Texas 78664

H# 255-7541

Constructed a 15'x17' addition to create a new family room

and a 16' x 18' wood deck with a spa


Bob & Tracey Hrehor

17820 Park Valley Dr.

Round Rock, Texas 78681

H# 310-8513

Constructed a 364 SF addition to create

an additional bedroom, covered porch,

and enlarge the existing dining room


Wayne & Beth Young

8400 Racine Tr.

Austin, Texas 78717

H# 388-3126

Remodeled the master bath by removing the

tub and created a high end tile shower,

granite vanity tops, mirrors, and lighting


Dick & Gail Miller

8403 Cima Serena Ct.

Austin, Texas 78759

H# 418-1770

We did a major remodel of the master bath

and updated the other two baths in the home.


Mike & Debbie Penn

12619 Fitzhugh Rd.

Austin, Texas 78736

H# 288-2054

We converted the garage into a family room, did a

major remodel on the hall bathroom, and constructed

a new covered porch off of the converted garage.


Warren & Lisa Durham

7101 Danwood Dr.

Austin, Texas 78759

H# 918-9244

We did a minor remodel throughout the homes living space

by removing a dining room wall, removing the ceilings acoustic

ceiling and making the finish smooth, applied slate to the existing

front porch, and updating the electric. We also updated the kitchen

by painting the cabinets , raising the ceiling, and adding new

countertops, appliances, and a ceramic tile backsplash.

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