Pricing and Quality

           Quality versus cost. We at Dream Builders of Austin strive to produce a product of the highest quality at a reasonable price. We strive to hold our overhead and company operating expenses at a reasonable level so that we can operate more efficiently and put more money into the quality of materials and craftsmen working on our projects while keeping our prices to our clients at a competitive level. We don't try to be either the least expensive or the most expensive when pricing a project. We like to be somewhere in the middle.

          If you are a homeowner looking for a remodeling contractor to do work on your house the worst thing you can do is base your selection strictly on price. A good analogy for this would be someone who is shopping for a new car. He can go to three different dealerships and shop strictly price because the vehicle he is buying is manufactured by the same quality of craftsmen and of the same quality materials. The vehicles are identical but with remodeling such is not the case. Usually the quality of a remodeling project is directly affected by the price paid for it. If you are shopping for the cheapest price you will get the cheapest product. A top-notch carpenter does not work for mediocre wages nor does a lumberyard sell a better grade of lumber for a lower grade price. Welcome to the real world!

          We maintain the quality of our projects by only using people whom we know are quality craftsmen. The majority of our crews have worked with the owner of the company for five to fifteen years. They are quality people who have been picked over the years by a process of elimination until we have what we think are the best available. We try to keep enough jobs going in order to keep these craftsmen working but not to exceed the number of jobs that this group can do in a reasonable amount of time. Right now we have crews enough to run five to ten jobs depending on the size of the jobs. Since we limit the number of jobs we run at one time, we are able to use proven craftsmen rather than having to go out in the labor pool and use who ever is available.

          This is how we maintain our quality controls by using the same quality craftsmen over and over again and using the best quality materials available. In addition, the owner of the company himself supervises all of our jobs and insures that your project will be constructed properly and completed in a reasonable amount of time.



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