Financial Responsibility

           A major concern among people is the financial instability of construction companies. They seem to be constantly going out of business. So why does this happen? Usually it's one of two things. Either they are not correctly bidding their jobs or they don't have adequate financial controls in place to keep track of the money on a regular basis.

          We have never experienced any of these problems and have never had to, as the saying goes, rob "Peter to pay Paul".

                The answer to these things are actually very simple:

 Q1) Have someone who knows how to price a job do it and 

 Q2) Install and follow some financial controls to insure there is always enough money in the bank to complete the project.

 A1) The owner of the company has been in the remodeling industry for 20 years and knows what it cost material wise and labor wise to do a project and how to budget the job.

 A2) We maintain two separate checking accounts. One for our operating expenses and another for the construction project money. We take an initial 5% draw from the construction account to the operating account for operating expenses. The rest of the money paid by the customers to us throughout the course of the job goes into the construction account and is strictly used to pay the construction bills. No other profit is drawn out of the construction account until the completion of the project. We pay all of our bills on a weekly basis. All bills received through Wednesday are paid on Friday. We don't play the 30, 60, or 90-day waiting game. In addition to all of this we have a comptroller who does all of this for us and issues weekly reports to the owner on the status of each job and our various financial accounts we have to keep. As a result of all this, your money and your home are safe. We will take care of your home and your money during the course of the project.

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